What Goes Into Our Signature Dish at Hog Roast Birmingham?

When Hog Roast Birmingham started out all those decades ago now, our goal then was to provide a type of dining experience that we felt was lacking on the catering market. That brought us to our now signature dish and namesake, the hog roast. The hog roast has undoubtedly served us well in that time, taking us through several decades of incredible events, growing our small independent team to a vast network of Hog Roast Birmingham franchises all across the country, and still, day in, day out, putting on a show at the most brilliant events.

But what exactly goes into making our signature dish at events? It has served us so well for so many years, but do you know quite how we go about bringing the incredible hog roast experience to your events? It takes more than you might think.Hog Roast Birmingham

The most important step of any our roasts is our sourcing. We pride ourselves on top quality roasts, but none of that happens if our chefs don’t have ample quality meats to work with. Cheap or poor quality is only going to get you so far, even if you are a highly skilled Hog Roast Birmingham chef, so our sourcing team makes sure to source out top-end stocks in the UK. We believe in shopping local as we can more readily check the quality, get fresher foods, and support local business in one. We take care in every order to get only the top shelf meats and ingredients.

On the day of your event you will see our team lugging around a peculiar looking metal unit. This is our roasting machine. It is the secret to all our successes as we design and build our mobile roasting machines in-house to ensure that they are capable of all that we need. These machines allow us to replicate the traditional hog roast method fresh at your event without the hassle of needing a fire pit or tonnes of time and space. Instead, we set our whole hog roast to cook and get to work on our other fresh accompaniments too.

The result? The unbeatable signature hog roast that you enjoy at every event with Hog Roast Birmingham!