Hog Roast Pershore’s BBQ Menu Was A Hit Among Guests At A Nature Day Event!

Hog Roast PershoreLast Saturday, the Hog Roast Pershore gang embarked on an exciting adventure as we were hired to provide catering for an all-day nature experience right here in the Midlands!

This thrilling event aimed to bring children and parents closer to nature by allowing them to explore, enjoy, and appreciate the wonderful wildlife that our region has to offer.

Throughout the day, teams of 12 ventured into the wilderness with knowledgeable guides. Each group enjoyed an hour-long session filled with captivating stories, wildlife-themed activities, orienteering, various games, and free play.

After immersing themselves in the wonders of nature, each group ended their adventure at the outdoor dining area, where the Hog Roast Pershore team, led by catering manager Lee, awaited to treat them to a delectable BBQ feast.

The menu we provided featured a scrumptious array of options ensuring something was on offer for all ages and diets. The spread comprised our succulent homemade beef burgers (which turned out to be the dish of the day!), sizzling sausages, tender chicken kebabs, BBQ spareribs, veggie sausages, and BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls. To accompany the main dishes, mixed fries, coleslaw, and pasta salad were also on offer.

Hog Roast PershoreWith multiple wildlife sessions running throughout the day, our team had to work efficiently, adhering to a tight schedule to ensure that each group was served promptly before the arrival of the next.

Under the capable management of Lee, the Hog Roast Pershore team thrived under the pressure, effortlessly meeting the constant flow of customers. Despite the tight schedule, the team delivered a flawless service, leaving each group delighted with the rich flavours and variety on offer.

The event proved to be a resounding success, with participants relishing the opportunity to conclude their outdoor adventures with a plate full of Hog Roast Pershore’s tasty grub. The combination of nature exploration and delectable food created a memorable day for all involved, reinforcing the notion that great outdoor experiences are made even more special with the addition of delightful flavours and communal feasting.

Hog Roast Pershore was honoured to be part of this exceptional event, and we hope to take part in similar experiences in future – so if you’ve got anything planned, let us know!