Hog Roast Shardlow – Al Fresco Dining Available for Spring Events

The sun is finally starting to arrive over the UK, and British summertime begins in just a few weeks when the clocks go forward. Do you know what that means, then? Al Fresco dining for your events with Hog Roast Shardlow is back on the menu!

Hog Roast ShardlowAl fresco is the Italian term for “open air” and typically refers to dining specifically in that open air. That is to say, it means outdoor dining. At Hog Roast Shardlow we have taken a lot of inspiration from the great Italian tradition and set up our own Al Fresco menu and service for your outdoor events. With the Spring weather it is now the perfect time to look to outdoor events again and get a dining experience that is designed to match to the vibe of the occasion.

Our Al Fresco menu takes the brilliant tastes of Italy and the Mediterranean and melds it with our own roast dining specialisation. What that means is you will find your dining starting out with some delicious antipasti platters of fine Italian meats and cheeses with artisanal breads and dipping oils. You’ve got a selection of prosciutto Parma ham and salamis here along with buffalo mozzarella, parmigiano and gorgonzola, and herb focaccia and ciabattas.

The platters really help to give guests that sense of the Med weather (we can only hope that the British weather does its part too, but if not we always have our serving gazebos for guests to cover under). After that we have our hog roast special, cooked and prepped to be served alongside our refreshing Greek style salad, or our heritage tomato and mozzarella salad, and of course your choice of potato accompaniment. Our vegetarian option is just as perfect for the outdoor weather, coming as a choice of our grilled veg and halloumi skewers with a tzatziki dip and sweet chilli sauce, or our BBQ pulled jackfruit.

This menu can of course be served indoors as well, but our team will work with you at your event to do our best to try and conduct our dining service outdoors weather permitting. We’re ready to get back outside and enjoying the weather here at Hog Roast Shardlow. We just hope you are too!