Hog Roast Essington – Learning the Advantage of Consistency Through 2022

Hog Roast EssingtonIt is fair to say that the last couple of years have been somewhat…inconsistent, to put it lightly. Like all other businesses and people at home Hog Roast Essington had its struggles throughout the pandemic. The event and the catering industries in particular found extreme hardship as the specific nature of the coronavirus and the pandemic safety restrictions prohibited the types of gatherings that we require for our business. Without events to attend we had no one to cater to.

We tried where we could to find work, and as restrictions eased and raised again and again Hog Roast Essington always remained steadfast in finding the best and most safest ways to still cater as little or as much as we could. To a person our team at Hog Roast Essington were excellent in adapting to every change and learning how best to keep our customers safe. In our many years of service there have been few challenges as difficult as those years, but it is to the credit of the whole Hog Roast Essington team – and to you, our customers – for getting us through it.

Hog Roast EssingtonThankfully 2022 allowed us to return back to a regular consistency again, and after such a tumultuous period we certainly felt and appreciate the advantage of consistent and regular work again. Events take time to plan, and so there has to be a structured consistency to our work to be able to effectively cater at our highest potential. When event restrictions chopped and change this was nigh on impossible at times, and customers also felt little confidence to arrange dates for the future for fear that it would all be naught in the end. Now that we have managed to stabilise our calendar again and return to a more normal working capacity again Hog Roast Essington has been able to thrive once more. It has been an extraordinary year for us at Hog Roast Essington to bounce back so effectively and we have only grown in appreciation for this line of work again after being restricted from it for a period.

As we look to 2023 we are excited to retain a consistent working capacity again and get back to cooking even more delightful dishes for your incredible events. Want to join us in the best dining party around? Then come call the Hog Roast Essington team today for your event!