Hog Roast Droitwich Gears Up For Chinese New Year

Hog Roast DroitwichAlso known as the Lunar New Year, the Chinese New Year marks the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar and solar Chinese calendar. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which sees us celebrate the new year on January 1st, those who follow the lunisolar calendar observe their celebrations on a different date each year. This year, the Chinese New Year falls on the 22nd of January, marking the beginning of the year of the rabbit.

Hog Roast Droitwich couldn’t be more pleased to share that we have been invited to assist with one of these exciting new year celebrations by Leah, who has asked us to serve a suckling pig hog roast at her intimate party later in the month.

Leah has invited 15 guests to join her in observing the special occasion and working to accommodate everyone’s appetite, she has come up with a bespoke menu plan with the support of Hog Roast Droitwich’s skilled catering manager, Lee.

Hog Roast DroitwichThe menu the client has opted for will centre around a luscious suckling pig, cooked to the utmost perfection and served with sage and onion stuffing, applesauce and crackling; along with a choice of vibrant salad options, beautifully seasoned market vegetables, chicken satay skewers, roasted duck and spring rolls with hoi sin sauce, pan-seared beef fillets and a hearty potato dish. We’ve also been asked to prepare a savoury spread for the guests to pick at, along with refreshing fruit salad and luxurious chocolate torte dessert options for after the main meal.

Leah is really looking forward to experiencing this fabulous spread in person and has told us that having Hog Roast Droitwich on hand to assist her with this upcoming event has been a wonderful experience so far. Thanks to Lee, she has been able to relax and enjoy the lead-up to the festivities knowing that everything is well taken care of by our team of experts. She’s also thrilled that she won’t have to concern herself with cleaning up after the fact, given our service includes a discreet tidy-up and off-site disposal of rubbish after the party concludes.