Hog Roast Frankley Served A Tasty Spread At A Christmas-Themed Art Exhibition

Hog Roast FrankleyWhile we won’t deny that unwrapping presents is an exciting part of Christmas, as we all know, the true spirit of this holiday isn’t receiving – it’s giving! And so, at Hog Roast Frankley, we like to take every opportunity possible to give back to those in our community. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are today if not for the ongoing support we have received from our fellow Midlanders!

With that, we were happy to hear from Elijah, who had come up with a fun plan to raise money in support of artists in the local community. In line with the holiday season, his idea was to host a Christmas-themed art exhibition, which showcased the work of new and up-and-coming talent in the area. As well as giving exposure to those trying to make it in the art world, money raised from ticket sales will be going towards helping young people interested in art find and explore their passion!

To make the event more engaging for everyone, Elijah booked a DJ to perform on the night, and to keep everyone fed, he had asked Hog Roast Frankley to come along and serve our Hog Roast Dining Experience Menu with a festive twist.

After putting up the tickets for the event online, Elijah was pleasantly surprised to discover just how popular his idea was! All 300 tickets sold out ahead of the exhibition!

Hog Roast FrankleyOn the day of the exhibition, Hog Roast Frankley, led by our catering manager, Lee, arrived at the venue hours before the doors opened to guests. Once they had set up the catering booth in an inconspicuous location, so as not to draw any attention away from the artwork, they began preparing the food. Several hours later, Lee and the team were ready to start serving!

Right on queue, the guests arrived, and our serving staff presented them with a choice of inclusive canapé options, consisting of chicken satay skewers, mini quiche, mini pizzas, roasted duck and an Indian selection. At our buffet table, the rest of the Hog Roast Frankley team busily served gluten-free rolls filled with pork, stuffing, applesauce and crackling or BBQ-pulled jackfruit cobs to the hungry guests.

Our food was an instant hit and quickly became something the guests connected over, which elevated the atmosphere and had everyone in a great mood. Once the main meal was all but gone, Hog Roast Frankley ended the event on a high note by serving our homemade mulled wine and mince pies with warm brandy cream to the group, which put everyone in the Christmas spirit!