Celebrating National BBQ Week With Hog Roast West Bromwich

The intense smokey flavour and irresistible fragrance of chargrilled meats. The sense of togetherness you don’t get with other group dining solutions. And the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing right by your health. Is it really any wonder why we Brits go a bit mad for a BBQ? Especially when the weather is as gorgeous as it has been recently!

So, with all of that in mind, it probably won’t shock you too much to know that when National BBQ Week rolled around earlier this month (July 5th – 18th), our team here at Hog Roast West Bromwich could barely contain their excitement for what lay ahead of them…

With our diary chock-full of bookings for the entire week, our catering manager, Mark, certainly had his work cut out, but with help from the rest of the crew, who are among the best caters in the region, he was able to pull off each of the servings flawlessly.

Hog Roast West BromwichKicking things off on the Monday evening, Mark and the team headed to a private residence, which wasn’t too far from our HQ, where the client, Kirsten, had organised for us to serve our scrumptious Gourmet BBQ Menu to her and her 25 guests in honour of the annual observation. With no time to lose, Hog Roast West Bromwich quickly unloaded the catering unit and transferred the grill, gazebo and produce into Kirsten’s garden, where they started working on the meal.

Using a selection of free-range, locally sourced premium meats, Mark and the crew whipped up a luscious assortment of BBQ flavours, including 100% beef handmade British burgers, gourmet sausages, juicy chicken kebabs and meaty marinated spare ribs, which were served with a towering basket of freshly-made baps, flavour-packed coleslaw, Greek salad and a mixture of sweet potato and regular fries. With one of the guests being vegan too, the team also prepared an individual serving of our grilled veggie skewers with tzatziki dip and flatbread.

Hog Roast West Bromwich’s punctuality and impressive cooking skills meant Kirsten’s little get-together went off without a hitch, and the guests were full of praise the entire night!