Office Dining Made Easy With Hog Roast Henley in Arden

Hog Roast Henley in ArdenOur corporate catering here at Hog Roast Henley in Arden provides many functions for our business clients. Some may see it only as an option for the big occasions – annual staff parties, networking events, industry meets, client parties and the like – but actually one of our most popular day to day corporate catering options is our office lunch service.

Here at Hog Roast Henley in Arden we are well set up thanks to our mobile roasting machines to make quick stops to the office and provide staffs with a delicious lunch menu. This menu can be extensive, giving your staff the full hog roast menu treatment complete with one full pork roast, roast potatoes, fresh salads, slaws and sides, or it can be as quick and simple as a roll and filling service with options of freshly made pulled pork taken straight from our hog roasts made that day, or homemade burgers and gourmet sausages. Our stylishly made hog roast dining service is the best it gets in terms of office lunches. With everything made fresh that day and prepared and cooked to incredible standard you’ll find yourself with a dining option that is far better than last nights leftovers or a supermarket meal deal!

Hog Roast Henley in ArdenWith the way we operate our office lunch option can blend seamlessly into your working day so that we aren’t infringing or causing too much interruption with the flow of your business. The ingenuity of our own mobile hog roast machines means we can start the cooking and prep portion almost anywhere, and then once your roast is just about ready we can wheel it into your building and even serve straight from pig to plate! Our corporate catering service is specifically designed to work flexibly around our clients’ needs since we know that the function of catering is always to aid, and not take over the day. You’ll find high quality dining with professional service from our Hog Roast Henley in Arden teams, and we’ll even throw a bit of style in there too because sometimes you can marry work with play!

So, if you run a business or manage a department why not bring a pork shaped treat to the office by calling Hog Roast Henley in Arden today!