Beat The January Blues With Hog Roast Markfield

After the heights of the festive period and the New Year, it is normal for a lot of us to then come right down with the January blues afterwards. Suddenly, after weeks of wall-to-wall celebrations, things to look forward to, and presents, January opens up with a bit more of blank slate. That’s before we even get to the freezing cold weather the short days of sunlight, and the low bank accounts after an expensive Christmas.

Fortunately for everyone, Hog Roast Markfield are here to brighten up those January blues with delicious and affordable roast catering. Yes, Hog Roast Markfield is straight to work after a hectic festive period and a quick rest to bring you even more roast goodness for 2024. We can’t wait to bring our customers incredible hog roasts and fresh foods to their January events. There may be January blues about, but at Hog Roast Markfield we’re celebrating January roasts instead!

Hog Roast MarkfieldWe have the barbecues to sizzle away the cold weather, the roasts to brighten up the shorter days, the sides, starters, and desserts to bring you all the comfort you need for a difficult month. With our fair and affordable pricing too it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch on your bank account either to enjoy the best that dining has to offer in January.

Once you see our authentically made hog roast turning and sizzling away on the incredible spit, your January blues will quickly dissipate away, and that’s discounting before you even get to enjoying the pork roast itself in a delicious and meaty dish. We could carve it up for you in a full plated roast or hand pull it in the whole roasted pig for some scrumptiously salty pulled pork rolls, perfect on a cold winter’s night.

Hog Roast Markfield is committed to getting events rolling again straight into the new year, and January is as good a time as any to get started! To bring our dining into your January all you need to do is call your local Hog Roast Markfield team or message one of our social channels and we’ll be with you with a hog roast in hand before long!