Hog Roast Hugglescote

The weather is somewhat unpredictable at the moment not that it has stopped us at Hog Roast Hugglescote we are as busy as ever and having a great year! Summer has been absolutely fantastic we really have had an amazing time and have did lots of weddings, christenings, anniversaries and birthdays we haven’t stopped and did lots of large corporate event that have been challenging at times very stressful with carting for large numbers but challenges we have welcomed. This weekend we have been busy as usual and we never ever stop always catering and just because the sun may have gone in we haven’t! Catering for a birthday for a lovely lady her 50th and three hundred attended and all were keen to taste our wonderful food a nice plump pig on order an event wouldn’t be the same without a pig and he really was the star of the show everyone that came in took his photo or wanted their photos taken near the pig we thought it ever so funny but to be honest it is the norm at the moment everyone wants a snap of the pig! Hog Roast Hire Hugglescote made some red and green pepper and mushroom kebabs and covered the kebabs in a lovely sugar glazed sauce perfect with the pork and we made some crackling too, if you are cooking pig then you must also cook crackling it just wouldn’t be the same without crackling and our crackling is amazing we cover the skin in oil just before cooking commences then we score the skin and then cover with special herbs and the crackling tastes ever so unique sliced and placed in a bun and smothered in some apple sauce tasty! Hog roasting is so delicious and has come such a long way in the past few years and we are so proud to be part of hog roasting and are so pleased that we took the decision to become avid hog roasters when we did and our business has grown from strength to strength and our hard work and dedication has been paramount to our success!