Hog Roast Brierley Hill Helped A Local Business Owner Celebrate 25 Years In Business!

Hog Roast Brierley HillCelebrating milestones in business is always a cause for excitement, and when Terry approached Hog Roast Brierley Hill to help mark his shop’s 25th anniversary, we were overjoyed to be part of the festivities.

With a quarter of a century under his belt, Terry wanted to express his gratitude to his loyal customers while also attracting new business. And what better way to do so than by hosting a huge sale, and offering 25% off all products? But Terry didn’t stop there; he wanted to add a tasty touch to the occasion and knew that Hog Roast Brierley Hill was the perfect choice to cater the event.

Our catering manager, Lee, was determined to make Terry’s celebration unforgettable. Arriving bright and early at the shop, which Terry had adorned with balloons and decorations, Lee prepared to dazzle the guests with our delectable BBQ spread. As the aroma of grilled meats filled the air, passers-by couldn’t help but be drawn to the festivities. Terry’s open day became a buzzing hub of activity, with many curious onlookers stopping to join in the celebration.

Our menu, featuring succulent beef burgers, juicy sausages, flavourful chicken kebabs, sticky spareribs, veggie burgers, and BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls, proved to be a hit with everyone in attendance. The smoky flavours were perfectly complemented by sides like Greek salad, coleslaw, and mixed fries, creating a culinary experience that left taste buds dancing with delight.

As customers and staff alike indulged in the delectable spread, Terry couldn’t help but feel grateful for the support shown by the community. Whether they made a purchase or simply stopped by to enjoy the festivities, every individual contributed to making the day a resounding success.

For Terry, it was a day beyond his wildest expectations—a celebration of 25 years of hard work, dedication, and the relationships built along the way. And for us at Hog Roast Brierley Hill, it was an honour to be part of such a special occasion, helping to create lasting memories for Terry and his customers. Hog Roast Brierley Hill

We wish Terry many more years of success with his business and hope to see him again on his next milestone anniversary!