Feasts Fit For A King This Coronation with Hog Roast Evesham

Hog Roast EveshamWe all know the saying of a “feast fit for a king”, but come this Spring’s royal coronation here at Hog Roast Evesham we may well be able to quite literally actually create a “feast fit for a king” as we come to your coronation events with an exquisite roast feast of the very best foods and served in impressive style!  The weekend of May 6 is assured to be a huge one all across the nation as folk from every corner of the country celebrate King Charles royal coronation, and with so many parties and celebrations going on all over you’ll want yours to stand out with the royal feasts of Hog Roast Evesham at your event! Eat like a king as we all watch a new king be crowned with the roast delights of Hog Roast Evesham.

Hog Roast EveshamCaterers are all expected to be very busy for the 3 day weekend, so of course you’ll want to book your spot in with Hog Roast Evesham quickly to ensure your party is getting the best that catering has to offer. We’re still awaiting a call from ol’ Charlie himself since we know he would love our excellent hog roasts, and if he were to call us to cater for his coronation he would have quite the selection of delicious foods and incredible services to choose from. We know he would be a big fan of our authentically made hog roast, cooked in the spit roast style and served along with perfect bubbling, golden crackling, our own homemade sage and onion stuffing, and our own freshly made apple sauce. He might well get distracted by the impressive spectacle of our hog roast cooking away in the spit style that he would end up late to his own crowning!

What’s good enough for a king is good enough for his people, so for your events across the coronation weekend Hog Roast Evesham can deliver just as royal a feast! We’ll be around at events all across the country serving incredible buffets, set course dinners, serving outdoor platter menus and grilling up gourmet barbecue dinners, so why not join the royal party and book in with our team as well right now!