Hog Roast Warwick

The Best Hog Roasts In Warwick

Hog Roast WarwickNestling on the banks of the famous River Avon, historians will tell you Warwick is a place laden with historic significance. Certainly our hog roast Warwick teams are very aware of the importance of tradition to this busy, bustling county town. Honestly, we see examples of it every day as we travel about creating bespoke dining experiences for the locals and their guests. It’s a tradition we’re proud of and we like to think we’re doing our bit in entertaining the hungry diners of Warwick with a style of catering that echoes back through history, the Saxons and the Normans would heartily approve of the slow roasting of such succulent meats on a spit. Naturally things have changed quite a bit since their day but a small army of well satisfied (and well fed!) customers over the last twenty years will tell you there’s something very special about this unique and highly social way of dining.

The hog roast Warwick teams have enjoyed catering to all manner of spectacular events and occasions in and around Warwick over the years. From wedding parties and intimate private dinner parties to slick, highly enjoyable corporate events and even the occasional folk festival crowd. Guest numbers are never a problem for us because we understand being flexible and creative means you and your guests can enjoy an event that will live long in the memory. We work very closely with our clients to make sure all the angles are covered and any glitches are ironed out before we get going.

Leaders In Our Field

Surrey - salad3Hog roasts are great fun because our hog roast Warwick event planners make sure no stone is left unturned, thereby maximising the impact for you and your delighted guests. By offering a choice of no less than six menus you’ll be able to create the perfect selection of freshly prepared organic food; enough to satisfy even the most demanding palate. Speciality sauces (you just have to try the apple, folks!) and freshly baked bread, all prepared on the day, are the perfect complement to your meat selection. Any veggie guests attending? Great; we’ll take good care of them too and they won’t miss out the fun either because we can set them up with their very own spit roast.

If you prefer to be a more dynamic host you may even fancy having a go at doing the roasting yourself? We’ll happily bring all the equipment you’ll need and our professional chefs can offer expert guidance to ensure everyone gets the most out of this sensational opportunity.

The people of Warwick clearly love to party and so do we. A match made in hog roast Warwick heaven, so-to-speak! To make sure we can work on uninterrupted despite failing light or, say, a sudden change in the weather, we always carry self-contained lighting systems and gazebos. Day or night, indoors or out the spitting pig teams are busy all over Warwick. What do you mean, you’ve not tried it yet?! Melt-in-the-mouth meats and crunchy crackling? What are you waiting for?