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The Best Hog Roast In Stanton

Devon - pig7Stanton is an exceedingly beautiful area, with a lot of local history and a lot of character. But is that why people are flocking to the area? You might have thought so, but actually there is another secret to the town, the fine roasted meats and the amazing service provided by hog roast Stanton. You might think that decent roast meat, being a British institution, should be available everywhere, and you would be right. But unfortunately with standards declining in recent years and fast food on the rise it’s left to hog roast hire Stanton to set the tone of for a catering revolution.

Our roast hogs are the ultimate in slow food, the movement that has been sweeping the country. Slow food is all about local ingredients and taking your time over preparation, cooking and eating, making the most of your meals and sitting down to enjoy them with people that are important to you rather than slumping in front of the television and stuffing your face with processed junk. The first point to remember is that we sauce all of our ingredients from the local area, supporting local businesses not just in the food industry but also in logistics and Service Industries. The more business we do, the better we serve the local community and the better able they are to serve us. Because of this we know all of our suppliers personally and that personal relationship means that there is a mutual respect and a mutual desire to look after each other. For the companies we work with, that means a reliable customer and a dependable income. For us, it means that we know that we are getting only the best possible ingredients to serve up to you. Once you’ve got your ingredients, the next importance slow food principle is to take your time over their preparation and cooking. By definition, you have to take your time over roasting a whole hog, it takes 6 to 7 hours after all! You can’t get much slower than that.

Leaders In Our Field

This 7 hour cooking time means that we have plenty of time to carefully prepare whatever accompaniments our customers have ordered alongside their roast meats. There’s no point in us rushing things because we’re on-site the whole time anyway. Not Surrey - salad3that we would, because it is important to us to make sure that our guests get only the best. The star of the show is always our tender and delicious slow cooked roasted meats, but that does not mean that the rest of what is on your plate is unimportant. Hog roast Stanton really put the effort in to make sure that you and your guests have the best possible dinner we could serve you. Our reputation as the best in the business is very important to us, as is making sure that every single customer goes home exceedingly well fed and very happy. We love our roasted pork and we know you will too. So if you’ve got an event coming up and you want to make it a really special one, get on the phone to hog roast hire Stanton and we will make your wildest catering dreams a reality. We cater to every taste, and we don’t just do classic British comfort food, our experienced chefs can do cuisine of all kinds to suit any occasion and any budget. Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a fundraiser or a festival, we’ve got options to suit any audience. We’re equally happy setting up in the grandest of country parks or the cosiest of back gardens so whether you’re a Lord or a local we’re the people to make your party go with a bang.

Our testimonials are second to none, in fact, we’ve catered so many successful parties over the years that it would be surprised if you don’t know someone who’s tried our food before. So ask around and see whether any of your friends recognise our name. It’s a sure way to put a smile on their faces, because when they remember the excellent feast they had cooked by us all the happy memories will come flooding back and see you will put them in a happy place for the rest of the day. What are you waiting for? Do a good deed and conjure up a remembrance of hot pork rolls past for somebody who looks like they need cheering up. And keep us in mind yourself next time you have an event to organise.