Hog Roast Rugeley

The Best Hog Roasts in Rugeley

rugeleyNow before I tell you a little about my career as a hog roast caterer in Rugeley, I thought I had better tell you about how I got into this line of work. I am sure that you are interested as after all, you are obviously interested in hog roasting? Quite right too! Hog roasts are the business! I have always been a keen cook. Ever since I was a little child, I was always in the kitchen creating something or other, not that it was always very tasty, mind. In fact I always wanted to be a cook or do something like run a cafe or restaurant. Thankfully I am now enjoying something even better than that and giving people the chance to enjoy the best hog roast Rugeley catering possible. This is my perfect job. As anyone will tell you, I am a bit of a social creature and always jump at the chance of meeting new people….so you can imagine that this job is just perfect. Every week I am lucky enough to be meeting new people and I absolutely love it. Luckily, they enjoy my company too, because I get to cook some amazing tasting food for them and their guests.

I remember when I first tasted hog roast for myself, I was really blown away by just how good it was. Becoming a hog roast hire Rugeley chef was not something I had previously considered but when I tasted that delicious meat, I just knew that it would be Devon - pig7perfect for me. I have been catering for around five years now and in that time I must have looked after hundreds of events, and I cannot remember a single bad one. Each was fantastic and everyone has always loved the hog roast meat, which is not surprising as it always tastes pretty incredible. I don’t know if you are reading this because you are contemplating the idea of having a hog roast Rugeley event of your own but if you are, I would definitely like to help convince why doing so would definitely be a great idea. The most important thing you need to think about when considering your catering options is the food itself. The worst possible mistake you can make is by opting for something boring and bland. Your guests won’t thank for terrible food at all….and if your guests are very important – such as corporate clients – then lousy food could be a dealbreaker from which you may never recover. The thing is, with a hog roast caterer like me, you are going to be able to provide your guests with some of the very best in freshly prepared, best tasting catering on the planet!

Leaders in Our Field

Time and time again, people come up to me at the events I cater at and tell me how special hog roast looks. They are right. There is nothing I love more than when people enter the event venue and see me carefully tending to the whole pig on the hog roasting machine. It never fails to impress, and straightaway it tells guests that they are not going to be getting boring old catering but some real quality cooking that is actually going to taste like proper food.

qaI take a lot of pressure off the event organisers because I know how stressful some people find sorting out catering at events. There is a lot to think of and it is much better leaving it in the hands of the professionals. When I get an event to cater for, I look after it all. And I really do get asked to cater at a wide range of events, from big Rugeley garden parties and Christenings to student events and big work functions. You name it, I have catered at it. Considering that hardly anyone was catering for hog roast ten years ago, times have certainly changed!

I also like to think of hog roast as a real austerity busting option when it comes to catering. That may sound a bit odd as hog roast certainly does not look cheap (and I’d be lying if I said it was the cheapest option) but when you consider the quality of the meat I can serve up and the sheer volume of meat (over one hundred servings from your average Rugeley pig) it really is something of a bargain, and that’s before you even consider my time! A Rugeley hog roast caterer is a time saving, great cooking austerity busting option that you really should consider!