Hog Roast Redditch

Hog Roast RedditchRedditch is a place where history and modernity co-exist in perfect harmony and if this is a combination that you find appealing, you will be very interested to hear about Hog Roast Redditch’s approach to catering.

The technique of hog roasting is an ancient cooking method that has stood the test of time. Even today we think it is still the best way of cooking meat if you want to make the most of its natural flavour and produce the most succulent results possible. We have blended this age old technique of cooking meat with ultra-modern roasting machines and contemporary menus to ensure we give people an authentic experience, whilst at the same time making sure we cater for the diverse needs of modern diners. Our multifunctional hog roast machines are capable of being operated in any outdoor or indoor setting and our skilled catering team are just as versatile as the equipment we use when it comes to producing high quality food in any setting.

Redditch’s Renowned Hog Roast Caterers

Hog Roast RedditchHere at Hog Roast Redditch, we are experts in outdoor catering, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide restaurant-standard food in any environment. We are just as capable of producing the same results in smaller indoor venues for more formal gatherings such as weddings, anniversaries and corporate entertaining. Whilst our superior slow roasted pork will always be the backbone of what we do, we are continually developing our menus to make sure that our food is suitable for everyone, regardless of individual tastes or dietary requirements. We offer a selection of different slow-roasted meats, as well as vegetarian and vegan options and dishes that contain both classic and more exotic flavours. All of our dishes are made from the freshest locally-soured fare and we only ever use ethically-reared meat. Everything we present to you will be made from scratch at your venue on the day and served in the style best suited to your event, whether you would prefer a self-service buffet or a more formal 3 course meal with table service.

If you love the sound of our traditional cooking methods, contemporary menus that offer something for everyone, and our ability to provide all of this in any location, Hog Roast Redditch should be your first choice for event catering in the Redditch area.